Urs.f Studio was founded in 2021. A time that taught us to see challenges as an innovation catalyst to further unbox predominant ideas and add a new level to creativity. Stimulating the ability to shift perspectives, by developing creative strategies that act as a meaningful contribution to culture. With a strong expertise in hospitality, Urs.f Studio is specialized in strategic brand creation and creative direction for human-centered experiences in the hospitality sector. 

Shifting Perspectives to Shift Results.

Referring to an observation, a thought, an emotion, or a perception of a brand – perspectives are our strategic narrative to create cultural resonance. It is about taking a perspective, zooming out of that predominate idea and adopting it another way. 


Shifting perspectives or even combining perspectives makes our mind work on challenges and ideas differently. It illuminates new ways forward that we previously were not able to grasp – it’s how Ursula Futura defines the futuristic way of brand longevity. 

We believe continuous shifts are crucial to evolve with time and culture – to stay relevant. 

The Founders.

Jasmin Bren is coming in with a track record working for global hospitality companies, focusing on strategy and brand development. She digs into the core of brands and strips down business models. Kathrin Zelger is the creative director, with a strong background in hospitality, interior, product development and art direction. She works with an empathic approach to create emotional connection through the power of design.


Together, they are acting as brand builders and curators. Creating magic with a commercial mindset.

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